Van Orman and Helwin

John Van Orman and Adam Helwin are a newly formed duo whose singular sound is making its mark across the Hidden Valleys of Wisconsin.

John supplies vocals, and plays an array of instruments, including six and seven string guitars, hurdy-gurdy, harmonium, Anglo concertina, and ukulele. He has received Minnesota Music Academy awards for his songwriting and performance skills, and is former Music Director of the Ozark Folk Center in Arkansas.  He is also a member the long lived band Finnegans Wake who performed this summer at the Theater at Taliesin in Spring Green, WI, and at the Focal Point in St. Louis.

Adam provides both lead and back-up vocals, and plays guitar, acoustic bass, and harmonica.  He is remarkable singer-songwriter with a powerful and often haunting delivery of his own material as well as on his original interpretations of compositions by others. He also plays with the Lakeview Ramblers, supplying vocals and string bass for that regional string band.

Besides performing thoroughly researched traditional material, John and Adam are modern bards whose lyrics reflect both the humor and the pathos of human experience.